Commercial Sewer Cleaning & Maintenance Service Agreements

When it comes to commercial drains, we do everything. Commercial kitchens can develop tough clogs from high-volume usage. Commercial bathrooms can experience drain stoppage or clogged toilets during high-traffic periods, or from deliberate vandalism.

For some simple clogs, your building’s facilities manager or maintenance staff may be able to clear the obstruction using a plunger, plumber’s snake or a consumer product like Drano or Liquid Plumber. For tougher clogs, you may need to call in professional help.

  • In restaurants and other food service facilities, a clogged kitchen sink is one of the most common problems we fix. Clogs build up slowly after grease, food particles, dish soap and detergent form a plaque around the inner walls of your drain pipes. These clogs can eventually stop the drain completely. Our technicians will use professional equipment to clear your drain pipes without damage to your sink.
  • We can also clear floor drains in your commercial facility when they become backed up. Dirt and other debris can sometimes build up and clog floor drains, potentially leading to flooding in your facility. If this happens, Python Sewer and Drain can quickly open them back up and restore proper drainage.
  • When toilets are clogged in your commercial building, if a plunger or plumber’s snake isn’t clearing the obstruction, you will need to call a professional to get it flowing freely again. Python Sewer and Drain has the equipment and the expertise to fix it quickly.

Trust Python Sewer and Drain to be available to handle your building’s drain emergency and get your drains clean. We’ll get things moving again in no time.

PYTHON SEWER AND DRAIN Works well under pressure.

Water jetting uses high pressure water to break up the ground at a desired location, while vacuuming to remove any loosened material. The primary advantage to this method in municipal and industrial excavations is that underground lines, wires or pipes are left undamaged.

Using high-pressure water jetting, our plumbing technicians can clean the entire inner surface of pipes to their original condition without using potentially hazardous chemicals. If your pipes require video pipe inspection, we can also utilize high pressure water jetting. This will clean and prepare pipes beforehand, to ensure we get the clearest picture possible. Water jetting can remove grease from commercial kitchen drain lines, and can remove clogs created by build-up, clear debris, and even clear out root intrusion. Your commercial building’s storm drains, sewer pipes, septic lines and drainage pipes can all be cleaned by water jetting.

We can clean pipes ranging in size from 2 inches to 12 inches using high pressure water jetting.

Python Sewer and Drain has state-of-the-art water jetting equipment, and the trained staff to safely and efficiently conduct the excavation. Call us if you need water jetting services on your municipal or industrial building project.