Automatic Drain Cleaning Maintenance

Python uses a water soluble formulation containing ingredients that produce a pleasant, fresh citrus scent which eliminate the source of odors and keeps your drains smelling fresh. A small amount goes a long way toward maintaining an odor free atmosphere that all will appreciate. It combines all natural citrus based liquefiers and active enzymes with natural oil eating bacteria to instantly emulsify grease, oils and fats without the use of harsh acids, alkaline or solvents, used  for household drains, septic systems & commercial applications. It is an exclusive formula specifically designed to keep your drains flowing free and smelling fresh. It’s the best way to keep clogs from reoccurring.

  • Fresh natural citrus odor
  • Keep drains free-flowing longer
  • Treats the whole pluming system
  • Safe for the environment
  • No harsh, toxic chemicals
  • Fully automated, no need to remember application time. Could be preset to suit your work schedule.
  • Translucent container allows easy check on the solution left in the container.
  • Ideal for commercial kitchens. No need to rely on staff for keeping the traps clean

Our auto dosing systems are compact and easy to fit. The systems are best suited for commercial kitchens or hot food premises that produce high volume of grease. The Auto Dosing Units inject a preset quantity of Total –C Liquid at designated time (usually after the kitchen closes down) directly into the pipeline connected to the drain or grease trap. This minimizes the instances of blockages in drains or pipe work and also prevents foul odors.

The timer pumps are easily adjustable and release only the required amount of Total –C Liquid. The unit is usually set to activate once a day, an hour after the kitchen closes down, to prevent hampering of product activity with the inflow of fat, detergent or boiling water. This makes the system efficient as well as cost effective.